NJ Well Water Quality Project

About the Study

The Schuler Lab at Montclair State University is conducting a study on well water quality in northern New Jersey. We are collecting well water samples from residences and will test for various minerals, metals, and solutes. We are recruiting research participants that are willing to donate a well water sample from their home. After testing, results will be returned to residents free of charge. Our goal is to get everyone involved in scientific thinking!

Enrollment & Sampling Process

To become eligible for this study, potential participants should complete the form below. Completing the survey below does not guarantee that your property will be selected for study. Currently only water from wells in northern New Jersey are eligible for study. In addition, a resident/occupant must be able to access water not treated with a carbon filter, water softener, or reverse osmosis system. This can usually be accomplished by directing water through the bypass water line. Water treated with a cellulose or sand filter is acceptable for this study (i.e. filters designed to remove large particulate only). Eligible properties will be chosen and enrolled at random. Arrangements for water sample collection will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Bottles for water sampling will be delivered to the residence by a Schuler lab member. Residents/occupants will fill the sample container themselves, then samples will be collected the next day by a Schuler lab member. Interested participants that are able to meet the water sampling requirements should complete the form below.

Return of Results

We will return results to participants that request their test results and only provide them with information about their specific property. We will make every effort to return results using clear, easy-to-understand language, with information about each test and what the results mean. The returned results of this study are for educational purposes only. Results returned to participants are deemed reliable, but accuracy is not guaranteed. Questionable or concerning results should be independently verified.

Privacy Statement

Note: All information gathered in order to communicate with study participants and collect water samples will be kept confidential. Samples will be anonymized at the time of collection and only aggregated or anonymized results will be published. In other words, only senior investigators* in Dr. Schuler's laboratory will know the result of a property's water quality test. We will return results to participants that request their test results and only provide them with information about their specific property. Upon publication, participants will be e-mailed a link to the publication document. Privacy and safety is our highest priority.

*Senior investigators for this study are Matt Schuler, Ph.D. and Dean Bobo, M.S.

Any questions should be directed to Dr. Matt Schuler schulerm@montclair.edu

Funding & Disclosures

Funding for this project is provided by Montclair State University, New Jersey Department of Health, and New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute (part of Rutgers University).

All investigators in this study are employed by or are affiliates of Montclair State University. The Schuler Lab will not profit from this work. Investigators have no known conflicts of interest.